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Craigclowan: Swims, rock climbing, abseiling and survival skills

The Craigclowan morning swim

St Johns Leatherhead and Craigclowan Prep School

Craigclowan: Swims, rock climbing, abseiling and survival skills

A busy start for the plucky team

Sunday July 16th 2017

We have two small teams with us this week sharing the Adventure School. Craigclowan Prep School from Perth are back for their second year with Year 7’s and St John’s Leatherhead for their tenth year with a mixed team of Year 9 and 10’s. Both teams are doing a different course, with individual instructors from our staff team and we will post separate news page reports for each across the week.

The Craigclowan team arrived with us just before three o’clock yesterday afternoon in time for a swim the the loch before sitting down for a cup of tea and a homemade cookie. A little bit of kit faff then, before walking to a high point above the Adventure School from where the pupils can get a 360 degree view of all the places we will explore together over the week.

This morning they have been looking at the survival skills needed for the island later in the week; lighting fires using foraged materials, collecting winkles and limpets from the shore and cooking them up, along with a basic bread dough wrapped around sticks, and building shelters from old yacht sails and bivvy tarps. This afternoon they are rock climbing and abseiling on the crags above the Adventure School.

With high winds forecast we are unlikely to get safely into the mountains so tomorrow the team will head instead on a remote trek out along the coast to Sandwood Bay, a beautiful strip of golden sands miles from the road.

All are in good spirits and embracing the adventure! More news to follow on their return.