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Beautiful evening for sea fishing

One of two groups out sea fishing in Loch Laxford this evening

6 Day Summer Camp

Beautiful evening for sea fishing

after rock climbing, sea kayaking and shelter building

Tuesday August 8th 2017

The Reds have been sea kayaking today. This morning the Red Deer (the oldest team) circumnavigated survival island by kayak, crossing Loch Laxford to see the seals amongst the islands on the southern side of the loch. With a stiffer wind this afternoon the Red Snappers stayed in Loch A Chadh-Fi exploring the coves and bays that line the shore, learning skills and playing games.

The Blues (Moons and Whales) have been rock climbing and abseiling at the crag, high on the hillside above the Adventure School.

All the teams have also looked at building improvised shelters from small army bivi tarps and old yacht sails, and travelled in the boats across to Ardmore to see John Ridgway’s 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and Rebecca’s 1992 Cape Horn sea kayak, pulling up some lobster creels on the way and looking at the catch.

For the last three evenings in a row we have had small groups out in the boats sea fishing. They have been beautiful evenings with superb light over the Atlantic turning the mountains a hazy shade of pink. The mackerel are here and the teams have a reasonable catch to take with them to survival island tomorrow night.

Everyone is well and the group are on good form.