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6 Day Summer Camp team head to the mountains

Swimming at the Adventure School on Saturday afternoon

10 Day Young Leaders and 6 Day Summer Camp

6 Day Summer Camp team head to the mountains

after sea kayaking and survival skills

Sunday August 13th 2017

We have a small team of friends from the Netherlands with us this week on a six-day summer camp. The team arrived on Saturday for a late lunch and a swim in the sea loch.

After early morning rain Sunday developed into a beautiful day and the team were out sea kayaking in the morning, paddling out of Loch A Chadh-Fi and circumnavigating survival island before returning to the Adventure School for lunch. In the afternoon they looked at the survival skills that will be required on the island on Wednesday night. Using striking flints to light small fires for cooking on, foraging for winkles and limpets on the shoreline, cooking a basic bread dough and other little extras.

Tonight they head out to the old stone stables at Lone where they will sleep before their mountain day tomorrow, an ascent of Arkle.