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Teams head for survival island

On the boats this afternoon heading for survival island

Twyford Team

Teams head for survival island

Wednesday August 23rd 2017

The teams are out on survival island this evening. We can see figures standing on the highest hilltop on the island with a fabulous sunset developing behind them and small plumes of woodsmoke rising from camp fires. The lowering sun has turned Ben Stack (the mountain that we climbed earlier in the week) into a dusty shade of pink. Plenty of noise, mostly singing, crossing the water to Ardmore.

Initial reports suggest they are doing well with four camps established and fires going, foraging completed before the high tide covers the shore and a faint cool breeze under clear skies.

They will be off the island in time for a cooked breakfast tomorrow morning, before we head to the golden sands of Oldshoremore for beach day.

More photos will be posted on our Facebook page early tomorrow morning when our satellite broadband link is usually a bit quicker.