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Teams head for survival island

The Blue team with their catch after sea fishing in Loch Laxford

York House School

Teams head for survival island

Search to survive and sea fishing

Tuesday September 12th 2017

The teams are on Survival Island this evening after a day of wilderness orienteering (‘search to survive’) and sea fishing. The forecast is for cloudy skies and occasional showers and the mountains have whisps of cloud capping their summits.

Shelters made from old yacht sails and small bivvy tarps are just visible and the chitter chatter of the pupils organising themselves is drifting across the water towards Ardmore.

This afternoons sea fishing was successful, and accompanied by some wild excitement with some of the hand lines pulling in three mackerel at a time!

The teams will be off the island in time for breakfast at the Adventure School tomorrow and more news will follow.