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Survivors return from the island

Rock climbers at the crag

York House School

Survivors return from the island

for lobster creeling, rock climbing and abseiling

Wednesday September 13th 2017

The Reds and Blues were picked up from Survival Island this morning. The Reds had chosen a high camp with stunning views and a good breeze and build really good shelters using an old yacht sail and small bivvy tarps, but a sharp shower at the wrong time had made fire lighting tricky for them. The Blues were much lower on the island, setting camp close to where they had found their kit drop and establishing a fire on bedrock just above the high tide mark.

The traditional survivors breakfast of sausage, beans and eggy bread did’t last long on the plates. After breakfast and team reviews we were back to the boats, travelling across the sea loch to Ardmore to see the small wooden rowing boat that Rebecca’s father had used in 1966 to cross the Atlantic, and the sea kayak that Rebecca used to kayak around Cape Horn.

From there we headed out to pull up our creels. Lots of crabs, two shark-like dogfish and a couple of small lobsters in the creels this week amongst other things.

In the afternoon we went up to the climbing crag, on the hilltops above the Adventure School, to rock climb and abseil. We haven’t seen the sun much this week but it made a welcome appearance then as the team team scaled the rock.

Tomorrow is the teams last day with us here and they will lead themselves in a search and rescue exercise across the remote Ardmore Peninsula.

The pupils have been hugely enthusiastic and risen to the challenge of leading their peers when given the opportunity to do so. We have had a steady crop of morning swimmers, always a sign of commitment to taking bolder options! They have been a pleasure to work with.