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Rock climbing, lobster creeling and ‘fire and food’ survival skills

Lobster creeling at Ardmore today

Hornsby House

Rock climbing, lobster creeling and ‘fire and food’ survival skills

1966 Atlantic rowing boat and chasing hens at Ardmore

Sunday May 20th 2018

We have six teams with the Hornsby House group, three Red teams and three Blue teams.

On Sunday morning, after a hearty breakfast, the Red teams set off in the boats for Ardmore. Half landed to see the little wooden rowing boat that Rebecca’s father John used to cross the north Atlantic in 1966 and to hear the stories of the families expeditions around the world, and the other half picked up lobster creels from the sea bed. A good early season catch including a couple of dogfish, spider, velvet, shore and brown crabs

In the meantime, two of the Blue teams were at the crag, rock climbing and abseiling for the morning with the third working along the shore foraging for winkles and limpets, learning to light fires and cook their foraged food and a simple bread dough called damper.

The Blues and Reds then swapped in the afternoon. With a day of rain forecast for tomorrow, kayaking will be the main objective with our mountain attempt on Ben Stack delayed for all until better weather on Tuesday.

All well and in great spirits!