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Teams head for survival island

Heading for survival island

Hornsby House

Teams head for survival island

Wednesday May 23rd 2018

A beautiful blue sky day at Ardmore today as the teams finished of the last of their activities. We had a team of ten swimmers plus a couple of teachers braving the waters before breakfast and jumping from the raft in the middle of the loch while the rest of the year group went for a short run.

Two teams kayaked in the morning, two rock climbed and abseiled in the afternoon and all finished the last parts of their survival skills training and communications exercises before we sat down together for pre-survival tea at 4pm.

Then to the boats and departing for the island. It’s a stunning night for it, clear skies and a gentle breeze. The six teams have independent supply drops and we can see their camps dotted around the island.

Off tomorrow morning in time for breakfast and then to the beach. Forecast looks great. More news tomorrow afternoon.