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Blue skies, sunshine and swimming

Afternoon swimming at the Adventure School

St Leonards Junior School

Blue skies, sunshine and swimming

St Leonards team arrive at the Adventure School

Saturday May 26th 2018

Its great to have a stunning arrival day and watch the kids strolling down the footpath and along the shore to reach the Adventure School. A good easterly breeze bringing with it clear skies and all day sunshine.

The team from St Leonards were here shortly after 2pm having left St Andrews at 8am, stopping for a while in Inverness and Ullapool along the way. Enough time then to settle in, find dorms and then kit up for swimming.

Admittedly the sea here is a little warmer than the sea off St Andrews and despite the warm sunshine there were plenty of squeals on first contact with the water. Swimming out to the raft in the middle of Loch A Chadh-Fi and jumping off it is a staple of early afternoon arrivals at Ardmore.

After the swimming came some unpacking and kit faff before sitting down for a macaroni cheese and salad supper with sticky toffee cake for pud. With the washing and drying up done to some 1980’s tunes in the kitchen, our two teams, the Reds and the Blues climbed to a high point above the Adventure School to get a 360 degree view of all the places we will explore together over the week to come.

We start at 7am tomorrow with a run or swim before breakfast. Rock climbing and abseiling is the plan after breakfast, with some shelter building skills in the afternoon before heading into the mountains to wild camp at the foot of Arkle, our likely quarry for mountain day on Monday.

All are well and in great spirits with a near perfect weather forecast for the week. More news here when we return from the mountain late on Monday afternoon.