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Sea kayaking and ‘fire and food’

The Blues with their raft for tomorrow mornings race!

St Leonards Junior School

Sea kayaking and ‘fire and food’

Tuesday May 29th 2018

Both teams took to the water in sea kayaks today, the Blues paddling away from the Adventure School this morning and eating their packed lunches out in a little cove at the other end of Loch A Chadh-Fi. With such beautiful weather the kids spent as much time out of their boats as they did in them. No herring gull chicks yet, but a few geese with goslings out and about too.

Meanwhile the Reds were learning the fire and food skills that they will need for Survival Island tomorrow night. Winkles, limpets, damper bread!

The teams swapped in the afternoon with the Reds then off sea kayaking.

After supper the Reds and Blues worked in their teams with instructors to build a raft that they will race before breakfast tomorrow!

All are doing well and we are spending plenty of time in the water with all the warm weather.

Lobster creeling and orienteering during the day tomorrow, with a late afternoon departure for Survival Island. More news late tomorrow.