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Teams head for Survival Island

The Reds lobster creeling this afternoon

St Leonards Junior School

Teams head for Survival Island

Wednesday May 30th 2018

The team have a near perfect night for survival island, with a light breeze and sunshine to help them on their way. A true test of independence putting all the skills they have learned together into practice without the input of teachers or instructors. Self-reliance to the fore!

Before breakfast we raced the rafts that the boys and girls built last night on mirror flat waters. I don’t suppose many people would be racing rafts at 7.30am!?! Then it was a day of lobster creeling and ‘search to survive’, a wilderness orienteering course that sees the pupils working in small squads across remote terrain making their own decisions and judgments without the input of adults.

Whilst lobster creeling, teams stopped at Ardmore to see the rowing boat that Rebecca’s father, John, rowed across the Atlantic in 1966, and Rebecca’s sea kayak from her 1992 expedition around Cape Horn.

Then to survival tea and back to the boats, as we landed them teams on the island.

Shelters appear to be up and there is a small plume of smoke rising from a fire on the shore. The boys and girls have worked really hard and well together this week and all is in place for them to have a great night.