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Michael Hall

High up on Arkle during the mountain day

Steiner Schools Week

Michael Hall

Mountain day, ‘search to survive’, lobsters creeling then off to the island

Wednesday June 6th 2018

We have two Rudolf Steiner schools staying with us this week, a team from Kings Langley and a team from Michael Hall. Both are following a similar programme but working independently from each other and we’ll post separate news reports for each team across the week.

Tuesday saw the team waking at our wild base camp at the foot of Arkle. A perfect night and morning with a beautiful sunset, sunrise and all the while a good breeze. The aim was to reach both summits of Arkle, not an easy task but within all the pupils ability. We reached the first summit by midday and the second about an hour later. Clear skies with a good breeze to take the edge off the heat of the day.

Today has been a combination of a pre-breakfast raft race, lobster creeling, seeing John Ridgway’s 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and an exercise called ‘search to survive’ (a wilderness orienteering course). The team are on survival island now, and will return in time for breakfast tomorrow.

All are well and making the most of the beautiful weather.