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Sea kayaking, climbing and survival skills

The Red Snappers team high above the Adventure School

Heath Mount

Sea kayaking, climbing and survival skills

All go at Ardmore

Sunday June 10th 2018

The group woke at 7am this morning ready for a run or a swim before breakfast. A sturdy team of 11 braved the cool waters of Loch A Chadh-Fi heading out to the raft for more jumping and diving action. Part of the challenge of a morning swim if overcoming the mind telling you you dont want to do it, but once in nobody regrets the decision… its a great way to start the day!

Blue teams have spent half the day sea kayaking, exploring the coves and bays of Loch a Chadh-Fi, and the other half looking at the ‘fire and food’ elements of the survival skills that they’ll need on the island. Lighting fires with striking flints, foraging for and cooking limpets and winkles from the shore, and making a basic bread dough to cook on sticks.

The Red teams have had a similar day but have been rock climbing and abseiling on the crags high above the Adventure School, rather than sea kayaking.

After supper (Cottage Pie) the teams left the Adventure School for the wild base camp beside the old stone stables at Lone which will be our launchpad for an ascent of Arkle on Monday.