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Brambletye are here!!

The Red Deer above the Adventure School this evening with moody skies over the mountains


Brambletye are here!!

Sunday June 17th 2018

The Brambletye team are here! After a bit of a delay at Gatwick this morning the leavers arrived at our mailboxes on the edge of the road shortly before 6.30pm. They had a short walk in along the shore to the Adventure School.

Once at the Adventure School it was bags to rooms and straight in for supper, macaroni cheese and a couple of different salads for supper tonight, with chocolate cake for pudding.

After supper the pupils (who have been split into four teams; the Blue Whales, Blue Moons, Red Snappers and Red Deer) climbed to a small hilltop above the Adventure School with their instructors, to get a view of the mountains and sea lochs that we will explore over the next couple of days.

Wake up is at 7am tomorrow for a mass team swim before breakfast. During the day the teams will be out on the remote Ardbeg peninsula looking at the fire, foraging and food element of the survival skills that they will need on the island later in the week and learning to build shelters from old yacht sails and small bivvy tarps.

It will be pretty windy for the next few days but improving by Wednesday. The team are all well and on great form.