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Fire, food and shelter building

The Blue Whales cooking damper bread in Ardbeg Bay


Fire, food and shelter building

Survival skills in wild winds

Monday June 18th 2018

An exciting day in the wild south westerly winds that came through today. The whole team went for a swim this morning, rising at 7am, donning wetsuits and swimming out to the raft that is moored in the middle of the sea loch.

Porridge, cereals, toast and jam and a cooked breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs was our fuel for the day, and the pupils made a packed lunch at breakfast that then enabled us to be out and away from the Adventure School all day.

The teams headed off with their instructors after breakfast to look at the core survival skills that they will need on the island on Thursday evening. Foraging for tinder and kindling, lighting fires with striking flints, cooking winkles, limpets and damper bread and learning the skills necessary to form shelters from old yacht sails and wooden spars.

The teams were out all day, and while it was really windy, its was pretty much dry all day with grey skies breaking in the afternoon to give some sunshine and blue skies.

We are expecting overnight rain but another fair day tomorrow. We’ll likely be rock climbing and abseiling tomorrow, with the teams heading out on ‘search to survive’, our wilderness orienteering course.

The plan is to camp at the bottom of the mountain tomorrow evening so more news here after our mountain day on Wednesday.