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Frome Steiner Academy arrive at Ardmore

Sunday morning sea kayaking

Westbourne and Frome Steiner Academy

Frome Steiner Academy arrive at Ardmore

Sunday June 24th 2018

We have two schools staying with us this week, a team from Westbourne School and a team from Frome Steiner Academy. Both are following a similar programme but working independently from each other and we’ll post separate news reports for each team across the week.

The Frome Steiner Academy team arrived with us at about midday yesterday, in time for homemade soup and quiche before the action began.

Some time to unpack, a little bit of kit faff and then we were out for a swim in the sea loch.

Despite the warm weather earlier in the month the sea is pretty cold and wetsuits are still the order of the day! Swimming out to the raft in the middle of the loch and jumping from it is always good sport. With low cloud and driving rain showers it had a really wild feel to it.

After showers the two teams (Reds and Blues) headed to a high point above the Adventure School to get a 360-degree view of all the places we’ll explore together over the week.

Today we are sea kayaking and learning the fire and food elements of the survival skills needed for the island at the end of the week, and we’ll be camping at the foot of the mountain tomorrow evening before our climb on Monday. More news from the Frome team will follow over the coming days.