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Gresham’s team arrive to blue skies and sunshine

The Blue teams head for a swim this afternoon

Gresham’s Prep

Gresham’s team arrive to blue skies and sunshine

and head straight for a swim

Saturday June 30th 2018

The coach drew up at the road end shortly before three o’clock this afternoon. The team jumped off and bags were stowed into the 4x4 and trailer for the last part of the journey, the mile or so down to the old croft at Skerricha and along the vehicle track to the Adventure School. The pupils followed on foot in their four teams with the instructor that will guide them through all the adventures on their progression through to ‘survival island’.

Our four teams are the Red Deer, Red Snappers, Blue Whales and Blue Moons. While the Blue teams unpacked and went through the constituent parts of their ‘day packs&rsquo, the Reds went for a swim! 26 degrees in the sun today but the sea loch isn’t much above 8 degrees, a lovely contrast on a hot day.

Afterwards the Reds and Blues swapped around so that both had swum and sorted out their own kit. Macaroni cheese and salads followed by cake for supper this evening and then a short walk to a high point above the Adventure School.

Beautiful weather again here today but it looks like we might get a short but sharp band of rain later tomorrow before the sun returns again on Monday. The team are on great form/ More news to follow over the coming days.