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Sea kayaking, rock climbing and survival skills

Gresham’s Prep

Sea kayaking, rock climbing and survival skills

before the teams head for the mountains

Monday July 2nd 2018

Sunday started with a 7am wake up call for running and swimming before breakfast. With the Blues set to kayak the swim priority lay with the Red teams and we had a 100% turnout, with all Reds swimming and the Blues going for a run along the vehicle track.

Breakfast here is a three course affair. Porridge, museli or cornflakes, followed by a cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, with toast and jams after that. The teams made packed lunches at breakfast for today and for tomorrow’s mountain day and with duties done it was on to the main part of the day.

Reds headed to the climbing crag for rock climbing and abseiling while the Blues took to the water in sea kayaks to explore the sheltered coves and bays of Loch A Chadh-Fi, fling some seaweed, learn some new skills and as most did, spend an equal amount of time in the water as in their kayaks.

All teams spent a part of the day looking at the fire and food elements of the survival skills that will be needed on the island on Wednesday night. We looked at collecting tinder and kindling from the hillsides, lighting fires below the high water mark, and cooking damper bread, winkles and limpets.

By late afternoon we were ready to leave for our mountain base camp at the foot of Arkle, pitching tents and cooking mince and tatties on trangia stoves, followed by cake and custard.

Today sees an important moment in the week. The ascent of Arkle. Mountain day is designed to be challenging, to stretch the boys and girls. For some it is a very physical challenge, others more mental and the entire ascent and descent can take up to eight hours. It is a watershed moment and they come back to the Adventure School a little more settled and focused on the final preparations for survival island.

The team are all well and on good form and we’ll post more news here over the coming days.