50 years of adventure and life-changing experiences in beautiful isolation, 1969 – 2019

Sea kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling

Highfield School

Sea kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling

and ‘fire and food’ survival skills

Monday July 9th 2018

Morning swims and runs were followed by a hearty breakfast in preparation for a busy day on the calm sea loch and climbing crag.

Blue teams sea kayaked, journeying around the loch learning about our abundant wildlife and enjoying some lively games!

Red teams found challenges on the rocky outcrop high about the adventure school, rock climbing and abseiling with great views out to sea.

Afterwards finding out how to light a fire on the beach from materials along the shore line. Foraging for wild food, collecting winkles and limpets, boiling them over their open fire and savouring the delicacies. Mixing their damper and cooking it on sticks over the fire. All in preparation for surviving on the island later in the week.

After chilli con carne and very popular apple crumble, the teams prepared their maps for ‘search to survive’ our orienteering challenge on open moorland and began to practice acts for a lively concert on the last evening.

A warm day with mostly cloud cover, respite from recent scorching sun.