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Teams head for Survival Island

Heading to the island this afternoon

Highfield School

Teams head for Survival Island

after a day of raft racing and orienteering

Thursday July 12th 2018

The teams are on survival island tonight and have great weather for it. The clouds that have hidden the sun for the last few days have parted and the island is now bathed in warm evening sun, with a light breeze. Plumes of smoke are rising from fires on the shore in the Bay of Lime at the back of the island and shelters are dotted across the higher ground.

A true test of self reliance this evening! They’ll be picked up by boat again tomorrow morning at around 7am for showers and a cooked breakfast before heading to the beach, a chance to relax and reflect after a busy week.

They have been a real pleasure to have with us and we wish them well for the rest of their summer hols!