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Reds sea kayaking expedition returns as Blues head to Survival Island

Exploring the sheltered coves and bays of Loch Laxford

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Reds sea kayaking expedition returns as Blues head to Survival Island

Thursday July 26th 2018

It is now Thursday evening and the Red teams returned today from their sea kayaking expedition into Loch Laxford and out onto the open Atlantic as the Blues headed for Survival Island. It has been a beautiful blue sky day today but its wasn’t until after midday that the strong offshore winds eased enough for the kayaking teams to venture beyond Ardmore Point and enjoy an ocean horizon. After wild camping in the lower reaches of Laxford last night, with driftwood fires on the shoreline, there was plenty of exploring to be done today.

Meanwhile the Blues have built up to Survival Island over the last two days by rock climbing and abseiling, learning the survival skills that are needed on the island, going sea fishing and operating independently on ‘search to survive’, a wilderness orienteering course. The Blues will be collected by boat tomorrow morning in time for breakfast and then the whole course are off to the local Durness Highland Gathering.

Everyone is well and on great form. Plenty of photos from the last few days have been posted on our Facebook page. There is a link in the menu bar at the top of the page.