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Sea kayaking, rock climbing and ‘fire and food’

6 day Summer Camp

Sea kayaking, rock climbing and ‘fire and food’

A busy first full day at the Adventure School

Monday August 6th 2018

Yesterday morning we woke the kids at 7am ready for a run, walk or a swim. With the Blues planning to sea kayak the Reds went swimming and the Blues stayed dry, running or walking along the track... all designed to get the blood flowing before breakfast!

After breakfast the Red Deer went to the rock climbing crag (an ancient rocky outcrop on the hill above the Adventure School) and the Blue Whales went sea kayaking whilst the Red Snappers and Blue Moons looked at the ‘fire and food’ skills that will be needed on the island on Wednesday. Foraging for material along the seashore to light a fire with and building that fire to a stage where it can be used to cook limpets, winkles and a simple bread dough is not easy but the teams did well and all were successful.

After a packed lunch the Red teams swapped as did the Blue teams. Low cloud and drizzle set in just after 4pm but that did not dampen spirits.

Today our plans to head into the mountains have been curtailed by strong winds. Instead, the two older teams (Red Deer and Blue Whales) are trekking in to Sandwood Bay, a beautiful and remote strip of golden sands on the west coast between us and Cape Wrath, whilst the younger teams are walking around to Ardmore to see John Ridgway’s 1966 Atlantic rowing boat.

The younger teams will go sea fishing this evening if the wind eases as forecast. More climbing, kayaking and some lobster creeling tomorrow.

We have posted lots of photos on our Facebook page which you can access with the button at the top of the page