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First mackerel of the season!

6 day Summer Camp

First mackerel of the season!

Sea fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, shelter building

Tuesday August 7th 2018

Our hiking teams returned from Ardmore and Sandwood Bay respectively on Monday afternoon after a blustery but dry day out. Sandwood Bay is stunning in all weathers and the Red Deer and Blue Whales took routes out along the cliffs, avoiding the more commonly used path. The sharp gusts of wind coming in off the Atlantic were really exhilarating and a reminder of why we had decided not to venture into the mountains. The Red Snappers and Blue Moons made it around to Ardmore, stopping for a while in the climbing hut at Loch Dughaill and were shown the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat that Rebecca’s father, John, had used to cross from Cape Cod to Ireland, and Rebecca’s 1992 Cape Horn sea kayak.

Today was busy again, with the Reds swimming before breakfast and the Blues going for a run along the track. Blue teams sea kayaked for half the day with Red teams at the rock climbing and abseiling crag high above the Adventure School. All teams went out in our workboats, Argo and Victoria, for some sea fishing and lobster creeling. The Blue Moons caught the first mackerel of the season, which will go with them to Survival Island tomorrow!

Rafting building and racing tomorrow, with ‘search to survive’, our wilderness orienteering course that sees little squads operating independently for the first time in this environment, making their own decisions and judgments prior to survival island.

All are well, great spirits today and loads of chat at the dinning table this evening.

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