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Rock climbing and abseiling and ‘search to survive’

Heading for survival island

Twyford Team

Rock climbing and abseiling and ‘search to survive’

before the girls and boys depart for Survival Island

Wednesday August 22nd 2018

The boys and girls are on the island tonight. It is the culmination the week here at Ardmore, a chance to put the skills that they have learned into practice, without fuss or interference from adults. A chance to be independent, self reliant and to make their own decisions and judgments.

Its a reasonable night for it too, forecast to be dry and largely overcast with a stiff south westerly to add to the challenge but nicely see away any midges. From our vantage point here at Ardmore we can see the Blue teams yacht sail shelter on a terrace about half way up the larger of the two hills on the island with a plume of woodsmoke rising not far from it.

The teams landed shortly after four o’clock this afternoon, mackerel in hand (from their evening fishing exploits) and will be collected tomorrow at seven o’clock in the morning, in time for hot showers, a cooked breakfast and some time on the golden sands of Oldshoremore to relax and reflect on the experiences here before heading home for the start of a new school term.

We’ve really enjoyed having the Twyford team here with us. A bright and bubbly bunch, full of confidence, polite and well behaved and really very able. Lots of good chat as we sit around the dinning table together. We have had a steady team of morning swimmers and the runners have gone further each morning than any other team of the same age. That short burst of morning endeavour is often a good benchmark of what will be achieved during the week, and they have achieved a lot!

We have put lots more photos up on the Facebook page in an album called Twyford Team 2018, and until 19 young people return home on Friday, the photos tell the best story of the week so far.