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Sea kayaking and rock climbing and abseiling

Belaying at the climbing crag this afternoon

York House School

Sea kayaking and rock climbing and abseiling

A full on first day

Sunday September 9th 2018

If you were after an atmospheric arrival in the far north west then arriving in the dark and walking along the shore to the Adventure School is certainly one way to achieve it. The flight seemed to work well for the team with no delays and we were sitting down for a cup of hot chocolate just after 11pm and then off to bed.

Lots of excitement this morning as the views were revealed to the boys for the first time, and we headed out to a high point above the Adventure School to get a better vantage point before breakfast. Some squally showers passed through but we were back in for porridge and cooked breakfast by 8.30am

With Sunday looking to be the calmest of days this week sea kayaking would be the focus of the day. Working in little pods and with all the boys paddling their own kayaks we set off in the calm to explore the coves and bays of Loch A Chadh-Fi. With the changing seasons come changing birdlife, with herons and curlews taking the places of greylag geese and oyster catchers. We even saw a white tailed sea eagle.

After a later lunch the boys walked up onto the escarpment above the Adventure School to rock climb and abseil with Laura, Rich and Mark. Some beautiful autumn sunshine over the hills and a sharp squall rolling in off the Atlantic. Exciting!

The wind is set to increase over the next few days which will keep us out of the mountains for the moment. Tomorrow’s plan is to hike out along the cliffs to the stunning and remote Sandwood Bay. A challenge in its own right, and one of the wildest beaches in the British Isles.

The boys are on great form, more news to follow in the coming days.