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Survival skills and then out to Lone

The loo construction team at the bothy.

York House School

Survival skills and then out to Lone

A bothy night around the fireplace

Wednesday September 12th 2018

The wild autumnal weather continues at Ardmore with strong gusting winds, heavy squalls and periods of bright sunshine between. Between the showers the hillsides look magnificent in their shades of brown and orange.

It was a challenging day for the boys but they were certainly up for it. The whole team swam before breakfast, some swimming out to the raft in the middle of the loch and others setting their own personal challenges. For some that was just to immerse themselves and float about. Pretty chilly!

The main part of the day was devoted to survival skills, selecting the best available spots for shelter from the wind to pitch old yacht sails and bivvy tarps, and then crossing the hillside into Ardbeg Bay to time fire lighting between the squally showers. The fact that the team were out in the elements from 10am to 4pm and returned bright and cheery is testament to their enthusiasm and commitment this week.

We usually head to the old stone bothy at Lone as a wild camp spot before heading into the mountains. It is a stunning spot, but mountains aren’t on the agenda with the winds this week. For this team the bothy would become a test of team work. A number of tasks to be achieved in a small space, lighting a fire in the fire place, building a loo, collecting water, setting up the sleeping area, cooking supper on trangia stoves.

They will return to the Adventure School mid-morning today (Wednesday), before orienteering and then heading off to Survival Island.

The boys are doing really well, unphased by the challenging weather, full of enthusiasm.