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Creeling, ‘search to survive’ and the Atlantic rowing boat

Handling velvet swimming crabs from the lobster creels

St Leonard’s Junior School

Creeling, ‘search to survive’ and the Atlantic rowing boat

Before the teams head for survival island

Thursday May 30th 2019

Posted at 6am Thursday 30th May

Beautiful weather yesterday, plenty of blue skies, warm sunshine but a cool breeze. We raced rafts before breakfast. The Reds edged a victory by only 3 seconds over the Blues as the teams raced to collect Mr Barrable and their instructor, Tim, from the swimming platform in Loch A Chadh-Fi.

After breakfast we set off in the workboats to see the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat that Rebecca’s father used on his famous voyage, and the 1992 Cape Horn sea kayak that Rebecca used to become the first woman to kayak around that formidable coastline. Whilst out on the water the teams lifted lobster creels to look at the catch. No lobsters this week but plenty of crabs of different types!

After packed lunches out we climbed to the start of the ‘search to survive’ course. It is wilderness orienteering on a grand scale and a good opportunity to practice decision making and team work in the absence of an instructor, as small squads of three roam around the course with OS maps to locate clues that will unlock a striking flint for them for their night on the island.

Both teams were successful and were back down at the Adventure School at 4.30pm for a cup of tea and piece of cake before heading to the island.

Reports last night suggested that the teams had worked well, established shelters quickly and had small fires going to cook up their foraged food and simple rations.

We’ll be picking them up in about an hours time. Back to the Adventure School to shower, breakfast and hear all the stories of their night, before heading to the beach at Oldshoremore for a day of games and fun to round the week off.

A super bunch of young folk. They have been a real pleasure to work with!