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Heath Mount Leavers arrive at the Adventure School

Leaping from the raft this afternoon

Heath Mount

Heath Mount Leavers arrive at the Adventure School

Saturday June 8th 2019

The Heath Mount team arrived just after 2pm today, a sea of burgundy leavers hoodies weaving their way along the path and the shore along to the Adventure School while the bags came along with the 4x4 and trailer.

Blue skies, summer sunshine and a good breeze was the perfect start. The year have been split into four teams, the Red Deer, Red Snappers, Blue Whales and Blue Moons. After some introductions and unpacking the Reds cooled off in the sea loch, swimming out to the raft and performing an array of leaps, jumps, belly flops and bombs while the Blues worked through their ‘day packs’ making sure they have all the necessary kit to be self-reliant whilst out with their instructors over the coming days. After some home baking the teams swapped over with the Blues then going for a swim.

After supper the teams walked up to a high point above the Adventure School where the pupils can see all the places that they will be across the course of the week. The climbing crag, the network of sea lochs with their bays and coves, Arkle (our mountain day) and the first glimpse of survival island!

All are well, high spirits and great enthusiasm.

Sea kayaking and the fire and food elements of survival skills tomorrow, before departing for our wild base camp at the foot of Arkle in readiness for the mountain day on Monday.

More news over the coming days, usually posted after 9pm in the evening or very early the following morning as we spend the whole day with the boys and girls.