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Summiteers return from a successful day in the mountains

The Red Snappers on the first of Arkle’s two summits

Heath Mount

Summiteers return from a successful day in the mountains

All teams reach both summits of Arkle

Tuesday June 11th 2019

It is early on Tuesday morning and we’ll shortly be waking the teams ready for a run or swim before we sit down for an eight o’clock breakfast. The plan today if for the Reds to rock climb and abseil on a rocky outcrop above the Adventure School this morning, while the Blues look at shelter building and head off in the workboats to lift lobster creels and see the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and Rebecca’s 1992 Cape Horn sea kayak. The Reds and Blues will swap over after lunch.

Yesterday was a big and really successful day. The four teams broke camp and ate breakfast at the field kitchen before starting their ascents of Arkle. The mountain has two summits linked by a crescent shaped ridge with a short crenelated section that requires some extra thought and care. Teams pick individual lines with their instructor up the open south east facing slopes to the first summit before tackling the second.

High level cloud helped the ascent but the sun did poke through occasionally, and the day was dry with great views from the tops.

Seven hours, nearly 950m of total height gain and some 11kms travelled. A great effort from the Year 8’s! A handful of the pupils went for a swim when we got back to the Adventure School, a great way to ease tired legs.

All are well and are a real pleasure to have here.