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Rock climbing, abseiling and ‘fire and food’

Belaying the ropes for a climber at the crag


Rock climbing, abseiling and ‘fire and food’

Another busy day at the Adventure School

Tuesday June 18th 2019

We woke at 7am this morning for the usual run or swim. A little grey and overcast but that didn’t deter a hardly bunch from braving the water, reaching the raft that floats in the middle of the loch, and leaping from it a few times, before swimming back in for showers and breakfast. The rest of the team joined Matt for a jog along the vehicle track.

The Reds were first to the climbing crag this morning, with four rock climbs and an abseil to choose from. The climbs are of differing difficultly so there is a challenge for everyone. We teach the pupils to manage the ropes at the bottom of the climbs (a process called belaying) and they work together in small squads under the watchful eye of one of the instructors.

Meanwhile the Blues were in the remote Ardbeg Bay foraging on the falling tide for winkles and limpets, gathering tinder, kindling and drift wood and preparing fires with striking flints. All essential skills that they’ll need on the island tomorrow evening.

The teams swapped around in the afternoon and were back at the Adventure School shortly after half past five for a six o’clock supper. The Red team and Blue team have built improvised rafts this evening from barrels used on nearby mussel farms, wooden spars and ropes and we will race them on the sea loch tomorrow before breakfast.

The young folk are doing really well, orienteering and lobster creeling tomorrow before the teams head to the island.