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Brambletye leavers arrive in the far northwest

The Red Snappers on the shore in front of the Adventure School


Brambletye leavers arrive in the far northwest

Saturday June 22nd 2019

The Brambletye leavers team arrived just after 5pm at the road-end. From here we loaded bags into the 4x4 and trailer and the year group were split into their teams (Red Deer, Red Snappers, Blue Whales and Blue Moons) and walked along the vehicle track and across the shore to the Adventure School.

There was time for a quick tour of the School and some unpacking before supper. Macaroni cheese and salads followed by chocolate cake for supper tonight.

After supper the four teams climbed to a high point above the Adventure School. From the top there are stunning views across to the mountains in the east (including Arkle, our intended mountain ascent later in the week) and the Atlantic to the west. Its an opportunity to see the wild landscape that we will explore together over the coming days and a first glimpse of survival island.

The team are on good form, full of enthusiasm. Some teams will rock climb tomorrow, while others go sea kayaking, and all will look at the fire and food elements of the survival skills that will be required for the island.

More news here in the coming days.