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Sea kayaking, rock climbing and survival skills

Sea kayaking towards Ardmore


Sea kayaking, rock climbing and survival skills

Beautiful blue sky day at Ardmore

Monday June 24th 2019

Posted at 6.30am on Monday morning

Sunday started with a 7am wake up for a run or swim. With the Blues going sea kayaking later in the day the swim priority lay with the Reds whilst the Blues went for a run. There is a small wooden pontoon in the middle of the sea loch to jump and dive from before swimming back for hot showers before breakfast.

The two Red teams rock climbed and abseiled for half the day on an ancient rocky outcrop that lies on a hilltop above the Adventure School. Four different climbs and an abseil were set up to challenge all abilities and the teams were taught to manage the ropes (a process called belaying), as well as doing the climbing. The other half of the day was spent in the beautiful and remote Ardbeg Bay looking at the fire and food elements of the survivals skills needed for the island. Collecting tinder, kindling and drift wood, lighting fires with striking flints and cooking damper bread on sticks along with winkles and limpets foraged from the seashore.

The Blues spent half the day sea kayaking, paddling their own kayaks in small pods of four or five with their instructors, learning some new skills, exploring the coves and bays of Loch A Chadh Fi, and spending a good deal of time in the water, capsizing, jumping around and learning to re-enter the kayaks from the water. The Blue Whales took their lunches with them and we stopped at Ardmore for a bite to eat midway on our journey. The other half of the day was spent looking at ‘fire and food’.

Beautiful blue skies for much of the day.

Shelter building and orienteering on the cards today before heading to our wild basecamp at the foot of Arkle ready for our mountain ascent to Tuesday. More news to be posted late on Tuesday, once we have returned from Arkle.