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Seals and sea lochs

The Foinaven Ridge now out of the clouds as we kayak deep into Loch Laxford

St John's School, Leatherhead

Seals and sea lochs

Wednesday July 20th 2011

Exploration by sea kayak was the plan for today. With a forecast of light northerly winds all day, we headed out of Loch A Chadh Fi, into Loch Laxford and towards the Atlantic coast.

Most of the team had some previous experience of paddling kayaks so we had a chance to build on those skills and make a good journey of the day.

We lunched in one of the numerous little coves on the south side of Loch Laxford, close to the open Atlantic coast. These little coves can often only be reached at the higher states of tide and provide little hideaways from the gentle swell that was running.

From that point we headed back into the guts of Loch Laxford, past the salmon farms and to a small island in the hope of seeing seals. They are remarkably inquisitive and five or six spent the best part of 15 minutes viewing us from close quarters, popping under and reappearing as if to give your neck muscles a good workout.

Then it was over to the team, who were briefed for survival island on the water, and paddled off alone to land on the island where they would make their home for the night.

Near perfect conditions, dry but not hot, with a light breeze to keep the midges at bay.