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Survivors return after a great night on the island

Heading for survival island yesterday afternoon

Gresham’s Prep School

Survivors return after a great night on the island

Wednesday July 3rd 2019

We picked the teams up from survival island just after 7am and returned by boat to the Adventure School for hot showers and a cooked breakfast. The vibe in the boats was really positive and, with some good teamwork and great overnight weather, the teams had done well.

After breakfast, and having had a quick power nap, we were back to the boats to lift lobster creels and stop at Ardmore to see the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat that Rebecca’s father had used to cross from Cape Cod to Ireland. The creel catch was good, three lobsters, a dogfish and plenty of crabs of different types and sizes, all looked at, talked about and then returned to the see.

Later in the afternoon the teams built rafts from old mussel farm barrels, wooden spars and ropes and raced them out on the sea loch.

Leek and potato soup followed by locally landed haddock for supper tonight. The team are on great form if a little tired. Everyone will sleep well in their beds tonight.