50 years of adventure and life-changing experiences in beautiful isolation, 1969 – 2019

Sea kayaking, climbing and survival skills

The morning swim get underway


Sea kayaking, climbing and survival skills

Teams head out to wild camp

Monday July 8th 2019

A busy day at the Adventure School. The Reds went for a swim before breakfast whilst the Blues went for a run along the track.

After breakfast the Reds went to rock climb, abseil and learn the fire and food elements of the survival skills needed for the island. Foraging for winkles and limpets on the seashore, and lighting camp fires with striking flints.

The Blues went sea kayaking, with the Blue Whales on the water in the morning and the Blue Moons in the afternoon. They also looked at the fire and food survival skills

After supper the teams left the Adventure School for the wild camp at the foot of Arkle, ready for mountain day tomorrow.

We have had a beautiful warm and sunny day today but are expecting some rain during the day tomorrow. The team are all well and in great spirits.