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Lobster creels, the Atlantic Rowing Boat and more


Lobster creels, the Atlantic Rowing Boat and more

Wednesday July 10th 2019

It is Wednesday evening and the Highfield team are just finishing their pre-survival island briefings with their instructors. A chance to see maps of the island, to learn a little more about what to expect and what is expected of them, and to ask any questions they might have, well before they go to the island at the end of the week.

This morning the Blue Whales were rock climbing and abseiling and the Red Deer took to the water in sea kayaks. Meanwhile the Red Snappers and Blue Moons looked at shelter building with old yacht sails and bivvy tarps, and then went lobster creeling in the workboats, stopping at Ardmore to see the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and Rebecca’s Cape Horn sea kayak. The creel catch was great today, with a few lobsters, lots of crabs and an octopus... the first ever caught here in creels by a school team. We looked at all the creatures before returning them to the sea, the octopus letting out a puff of ink on its way back to the depths.

In the afternoon the teams swapped so the Blue Moons could climb and the Red Snappers could sea kayak.

Its been a eerie day with low cloud shrouding the hills around the sea loch. Mostly dry until early afternoon when some rain came for a few hours, but not quite to the same extent as yesterdays mountain day.

All are well and in good spirits after a challenging day on Arkle yesterday and a full on day today. Still plenty of hands up for swimming tomorrow morning. Stretch... don’t cuise!