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Beach day and then the teams head to survival island

Heading to the island, team map in hand.


Beach day and then the teams head to survival island

Friday July 12th 2019

It was an eerie start to the day with mist and low cloud hanging barely 50m above the surface of Loch A Chadh Fi. The forecasted thunder storms didn’t reach as far as us last night and with the forecast for the mist clear we set off for the beach at Oldshoremore.

Beach day is usually the chance to relax and reflect after survival island before packing up to head home the following morning. So it felt a little strange to return from a beautiful morning swimming and playing games at the beach, to then depart in boats for the island.

There is a great spirit amongst the Highfield group and they were clearly very excited about the island. The first team landed just after 4.30pm with the others following shortly after, with a good breeze and high level cloud and the odd glimpse of sunshine. Lots of noise coming from the higher of the two hills on the island and the familiar shape of shelters built from yacht sails clearly visible.

At the time of writing (9.30pm) the mist has descended again and the scene looks very atmospheric. We will take the teams off the island early tomorrow morning for showers, breakfast and the last bits of packing before their mid-morning coach pickup.

Another great bunch of young people from Highfield, so much enthusiasm despite some difficult weather days between the sunshine.