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Foinaven mountain teams return

At the summit cairn yesterday afternoon

St John’s Leatherhead

Foinaven mountain teams return

Glorious weather and stunning views from the ridge

Tuesday July 16th 2019

The two mountain teams walked along the vehicle track to the Adventure School just after midday today, after a superb effort traversing Foinaven over the last few days.

We had set off on Sunday evening, walking in for a few hours from the end of the estate track at Lone, to reach the Bealach Horn and a wild camp spot at about 500m above sea level. Tents were pitched by 10pm and we had a setting sun casting a red glow across the mountains and a large moon high in the sky. A beautiful evening.

Waking at 7am the teams cooked up some breakfast and a brew on trangia stoves before packing down the tents. We had clear skies overhead and it was already quite warm as the teams set off shortly after 8.30am.

Our route took as along a plateau to the unnamed top at 808m before picking our way carefully down into the Pass of the Bellowing, and climbing back up the narrow path that skirts the Black Tower, a huge north facing buttress high on the mountain. From here the ridge broadens and runs along towards the summit.

With the difficulties behind us the teams reached the summit shortly after 2pm. Some weary legs at this stage! We dropped off the mountain from the 902m spot height and traversed beneath the large boulder field that guards the top of the mountain, reaching a series of springs where we could top up with water and dunk heads.

A few more kilometres brought us to a suitable wild camp for the night leaving a few hours of walking to do over beautiful remote ground this morning.

The boys have done brilliantly, some a little more tired than others, but pleased with their achievements on a mountain expedition that is designed to test and challenge them.

Sea kayaking tomorrow and then on to Survival Island.