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Woods Team return from Survival Island

Mackerel fishing before landing on the island yesterday afternoon

10 Day Young Leaders and Woods Team

Woods Team return from Survival Island

Wednesday August 14th 2019

We decided yesterday to put the boys out on survival island a night early, to take advantage of a favourable forecast, and with Wednesday night looking pretty wet.

As a result we had a lot to squeeze in to Tuesday. We went through the survival briefing straight after breakfast, so the boys could see a map of the island and get a better understanding of what is expected of them.

After that we looked at shelter building using old yacht sails and bivvy tarps before heading up to the crag for rock climbing and abseil. We were back down at the Adventure School by mid-afternoon and then straight into the workboats to go sea fishing, lobster creeling and land on the island.

A couple of sharp showers moved through quickly and then the boys had a good night with clear skies and a big moon.

Raft racing and orienteering today. The boys are well if a little tired after last night on the island.