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Twyford team arrive at the Adventure School

Red team members ready to swim yesterday afternoon

Twyford Team

Twyford team arrive at the Adventure School

Swimming yesterday afternoon and survival skills today

Sunday August 18th 2019

Mark met the team at Inverness airport early yesterday afternoon and we hopped on the coach for the two hour journey up to Ardmore. Arriving at the road end the group were met by their instructors and split into four teams that we’ll be working in over the coming days. Two Red teams (the Red Deer and Red Snappers) and two Blue teams (the Blue Whales and Blue Moons).

While the Reds went for a swim in the sea loch, and jumped from the raft, the Blues climbed to a high point above the Adventure School to get a 360 degree view of all the places that we will explore together over the week. Reds and Blues swapped around after a homemade cookie and the last of the swimmers were back in, showered and changed in time for supper at six o’clock. Macaroni cheese and a variety of salads followed by chocolate cake for pud!

After supper the four teams worked with their instructors to put together their day packs. Small rucksacks of kit that will enable the boys and girls to be self reliant in whatever the weather throws at us.

This morning began at seven o’clock with a jog or a swim before breakfast. Quite a few keen beans were up early and out of the door before we had even laid out the wetsuits on the bridge. Silly salmon and ‘protect the President’ are the games of choice on the raft and we had full commitment to jumps and dives.

For the main part of the day today, all four teams are out on the remote Ardbeg peninsula on a small journey, looking at the fire, food and shelter elements of the survival skills that we be required in readiness for the island.

The weather is looking unsettled through the week and we may need to adjust our plans around the wind and some rain certain days. We’ll get the full west coast experience.

Loads of enthusiasm and lots of noise from the team. Great to have another squad from Twyford!