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Fire, food and shelter skills yesterday

Twyford Team

Fire, food and shelter skills yesterday

and a blustery day on Arkle today

Monday August 19th 2019

The teams are on Arkle today. It’s a bit blustery with showers rolling in every now and again off the Atlantic. A proper wild west coast mountain experience for the boys and girls. No doubt the drying room will see a bit of use later today.

Yesterday the teams were out on the remote Ardbeg peninsula, making use of the fine weather to learn the survival skills that will be needed for the island later in the week.

With a little foraging across the hill side the teams can collect dried grasses, dead bracken and old heather fronds, package them into bundles, and use them to light fires with striking flint and steels. With the help of a little drift wood these fires are sufficient to cook up winkles and limpets that the boys and girls have collected from the seashore, make bog myrtle tea from the wild myrtle growing close to the shore, and cook a simple bread dough on sticks. Some of the teams even toasted their packed lunch sandwiches on their fires, to great effect!!

Part of their survival island kit drop will include sections of old yacht sails from English Rose VI, the 57ft ketch that Rebecca’s father used on a non-stop round the world voyage in the 80’s and that Rebecca sailed with her parents to the Antarctic in the early 90’. We looked at how to pitch these to create shelter on the island, and how smaller bivvy tarps could be used for smaller two person shelters.

Some teams were back at the Adventure School in time for a swim. Always a popular pastime for the boys and girls with a chorus of swim requests sent our way in any spare moment.

More news to follow tomorrow.

We’ll try and upload some photos onto our facebook page later today.