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One island, one night, one team!

Paris, Jack, Manchu and Leon cook mussels on the island

Six day summer camp

One island, one night, one team!

A clear night with a light breeze for survival island

Wednesday August 10th 2011

Survival island is the culmination of everything the team have done together at Ardmore over the last five days and a chance to craft their own experience.

Now it is up to the team to make their own decisions. Where will we camp? How will we make our shelters? What will we cook?.... will we survive?

What really makes both the six and 14 day summer camps in our minds is that new friendships are formed very quickly, often amongst young people of slightly different ages and from different countries, and these friendships forged with the days spent together in the mountains and on the sea. Everyone in the team has something different to contribute and all can learn not just from the instructors but from each other.

Before leaving this afternoon, the team pulled up their lobster creels and took the boats across to Ardmore, to see the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and meet Rebecca's father, John. Few better ways to be inspired before their night out.

Yesterday, we climbed Arkle and traversed the shattered quartzite ridge that links its two summits. It wasn't the greatest weather, with clouds and showers blowing through on a blustery wind, but spirits were high all day and there were no moans or grumbles, just determined young mountaineers!

The team will come off the island tomorrow morning for a day at the beach, a chance to relax and reflect in beautiful surroundings before returning home tomorrow.