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Moody skies and an eerie calm on Loch Laxford

Ben Stack stands guard over Loch Laxford as we cross in kayaks

Autumn sea kayaking

Moody skies and an eerie calm on Loch Laxford

Sunday October 2nd 2011

It has been a beautiful few days, the winds of the last week have eased and all the bounty of the autumn has been on offer. You can watch the mackerel boil in Loch A Chadh-Fi at this time of year. A simple handline and only 2 minutes of patience yielded a haul of five this afternoon.

Yesterday we paddled out into Loch Laxford under grey skies but with a mirror-like calm. A gentle swell was running beneath our boats like a rippled carpet as we headed across the loch, past the salmon farms, to a collection of island between Foindle and Fanagmore where we have regularly seen seals with 'day kayakers' all summer.

Much like todays fishing there was little luck required and a group of about 12 seals were swimming around in the bay as we appeared. They don't seem at all phased by our presence, coming towards us from some distance away to have a closer look.

Two followed us on our journey up towards Eilean Ard before we turned and headed back towards Ardmore.

We now have 2012 dates on the website for both our adult sea kayaking holidays, and our walking holidays which run alongside each other at the Adventure School.

For sea kayakers there are a couple of sea kayaking long weekends and a couple of week long sea kayak holidays, all based from our cosy Norwegian style wooden long building on the shores of Loch A Chadh-Fi. The network of sea lochs on our doorstep provides some of the most sheltered paddling in this beautiful part of north-west Scotland, enjoying the abundant wildlife of the summer months. You can find out more by following the sea kayaking links at the side of the page.

We will also be running a BCU* 3 star sea kayak training and assessment course for intermediate sea kayakers who want to add a few more skills to their repetoire and come away with a nationally recognised 'stamp' of competence. More details will be on the website soon.

* British Canoe Union