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Survivors return for beach day and a bit of scottish reeling

Survivors fend for themselves on the island

Hornsby House

Survivors return for beach day and a bit of scottish reeling

Thursday May 31st 2012

Hornsby House's week at Ardmore is drawing to a close after a fantastic effort on the island. This really has been their own experience, with only a watchful eye from their instructors. A series of simple tasks (shelter, fire and food) but with the onus on the pupils to pull it all together for themselves.

It could hardly have been a better night, with low evening sun highlighting their earlier mountain achievements on Ben Stack (the peak on the horizon in the photo above) and the team, coming together as one around the fire that they had lit themselves.

We were off for breakfast this morning and an afternoon on a remote strip of golden sand, swimming, body boarding and beach gaming to relax and unwind after the week. After a traditional Scottish supper of haggis, neaps and tatties we adjourned to the shelling (a grassy area on a small peninsular beside the Adventure School) for a bit of Scottish dancing before bed.

The team have been outstanding, endlessly positive and enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.

A final word from Lucy J

Scotland has definitely been the most challenging experience of my life, but it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had!

Ben Stack was a challenge I cannot deny, but when I reached the summit I felt on top of the world. We stopped many times to look at the amazing plants which I had never seen before. We saw wild orchids and butterwort, which is like a venus fly trap.

One of my favourite experiences was sea kayaking. Although it was difficult, as we went on I think we all improved and my teacher helped me when I was struggling to turn the right way.

Survival Island was the thing I was looking forward to the most. At first people went off in small groups though I was in the main group. After a while we all joined together. We had found food, water and ropes by now and for supper we had peaches, carrots, rice, damper (a kind of dough) and sweetcorn. We were all together having a fabulous time.