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Rock climbing, lobster pots and survival island

Year 6 receive their final instructions after landing on survival island


Rock climbing, lobster pots and survival island

Thursday June 14th 2012

Reds and Blues have been competing again today at the climbing crag and out on the sea loch pulling in their lobster pots and heading over to the crofts at Ardmore.

Its been another dry and sunny day, perfect for the rock climbing. The crag is an ancient outcrop of rock, some 2.6 billion years old, on a hilltop above the Adventure School. The Reds climbed this morning after breakfast posting a good score with all the team completing a climb and the abseil.

Meanwhile the Blues pulling two lobsters from their six creels that were laid earlier in the week, and over 40 shore crabs!

The Reds and Blues swapped over at lunchtime and they'll find out the final scores for the climbing and lobster pots at breakfast tomorrow.

The team were on the island by 6pm tonight and it looks set to stay dry for them. They will have a great view of Ben Stack (far left of photo) as the setting sun lights it up this evening.