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Atlantic millpond!

Exploring channels between the rocks at the mouth of Loch Laxford

Robert Gordon's College

Atlantic millpond!

Fantastic day of sea kayaking out beyond Ardmore Point

Tuesday June 19th 2012

The grey start to the day didn't take long to lift and we were paddling away from the Adventure School in three little teams by 10.30am, chasing the blue sky out over the Atlantic.

Under the cliffs on 'survival island' out beyond Ardmore there are lots of little nooks and crannies in the rocks, great for developing skills in the way that they are needed. Squeezing in an out of the contours of the coastline, reversing into and backing out of spaces where new skills take on an added importance... not crashing!

The teams crossed to the southern side of Loch Laxford for lunch in a rocky bay before heading closer to the open Atlantic coast.

After such a long spell of calm weather and light offshore breezes there was barely a ripple on the surface out at the mouth of Loch Laxford. For much of the year it is exposed to Atlantic swells rolling across the ocean from Iceland, Greenland and North America. Not so today! Only the very faintest rise and fall. There is such a feeling of openness out there, with an ocean horizon on one side and the shattered mountain ridges in the distance on the other.

The pupils put old and new skills to good use in equal measure, exploring the rock chasms, channels and fault lines that have been exploited by thousands of years of battering by heavy winter seas.

Some planned capsizes and rescue practice on the paddle home gave a welcome relief from the warm summer sun. The water is still mighty cold!