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Goodbye and thank you for a great week S. Anselm's

A fitting final photo, the Leavers of 2012 together on the summit of Arkle on Monday.

S. Anselm's

Goodbye and thank you for a great week S. Anselm's

Final day spent under blue skies and on golden sands after a night on the island.

Thursday July 5th 2012

The team were on survival island last night. The moon was huge and cast a strip of light across Loch Laxford towards their camp. Shelters were built, fires lit and food scavenged for and cooked together.

We boated off the island in flat calm at 7.00am, with early morning haze across the loch and mountains beyond, and a few faces for that matter after a late night around the open fire.

The aim of the day was to relax and enjoy a final day together before returning south. The beach at Oldshoremore is an isolated and beautiful stretch of golden sand just a few miles to our north and as usual we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. Cricket, touch rugby, swimming and snorkelling, sand castle building, sleeping, tug 'o' war and dizzy sticks. At the end of the day we swept the beach for litter as part of the pupils John Muir Award before returning to the Adventure School for haggis, neaps and tatties, and the traditional last night concert.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this group of young people, they have been 'up' for everything we have thrown at them and its fantastic that they have shared not just the fun and excitement of the adventures with us, but an appreciation for the beauty of this remote corner of Scotland. We have had great weather and a great team of pupils.

Thank you S. Anselm's.