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Lobster haul

Blue Moons pull in their lobster pots


Lobster haul

Lobster pots, 'search to survive' and departure for survival island.

Wednesday July 11th 2012

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a busy day at the Adventure School. The pupils spent half the day sea kayaking out on Loch A Chadh-Fi, paddling out to Ardmore and around the island to see the herring gull chicks, learn some new skills and tour the rocky seashore. The water was flat calm and the mornings grey skies and drizzle burned off in the afternoon for another nice day.

Whilst the blues were kayaking the reds learned to light fires for cooking on the sea shore. We foraged for mussels and winkles, made bog myrtle tea and damper (a camp fire bread cooked on a stick) ready for survival island tomorrow.

After supper and under blue skies the teams were outside formulating acts for the concert on Thursday night.

Today (Wednesday) the pupils were out on the sea loch collecting in their lobster creels. Our usual heavy hauls of shore crabs were non existent today but a couple of lobsters and brown crabs more than made up for it. We stopped at Ardmore to see John's 1966 Atlantic Rowing boat and hear more about the epic crossing.

The pupils were also out on the orienteering course ('search to survive') operating in squads of two and three and alone for the first time in this wild landscape. Its great to see them sitting down together and formulating a plan at the adventure school and then putting it into action up on the peninsula, exploring for themselves and watching the other little squads tackling their own parts of the course.

The pupils are all out on survival island tonight and their is a real buzz amongst them. Many have heard stories from siblings who have been to us in previous years. The team have made a camp high on the island to catch the breeze and get the best views.

Tonight the BBC were suggesting that this may become one of the driest summers on record for this little corner of the north west Highlands and Outer Hebrides, lets hope it holds for beach day tomorrow and that the sun can pierce the high level cloud that has been with us today.