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Outdoor activity courses for schools
My school are coming, what will we be doing?

Six days of real adventure and fun with your friends, on the sea, around the shore and in the mountains. Learn new skills from our friendly instructors and finish the week surviving overnight on an uninhabited island.

On the calm seas of Loch A Chadh-Fi

  • Swim in the sea loch that laps at our door and jump from the raft for fun.
  • Paddle your own sea kayak on a mini-expedition, circumnavigate an island.
  • Kayak close to nesting herring gulls and greylag geese and spot their fluffy chicks and goslings.
  • Lift sea squirts, urchins and starfish from the murky depths.
  • Prepare and then lift your creels in the sea loch to catch crabs and lobsters as the crofters at Ardmore have done for hundreds of years.

In the mountains

  • Make base camp at the foot of a mountain and prepare for your summit bid.
  • Drink tea by the bothy fire and hear tales of adventure.
  • Climb the mountain and follow its narrow ridge to the very top.
  • Take in the views over this beautiful and ancient landscape.

Around the crags and hill lochs of 'the empty quarter'

  • Learn survival skills from our friendly instructors on the wild Ardbeg peninsula.
  • Forage for edible plants, mussels, limpets and winkles and learn how to cook and eat them.
  • Rock climb and abseil on our hilltop crag high above Ardmore and the Atlantic ocean.
  • Roam free around ‘the empty quarter’ orienteering to win points for your team.

On the shore and more

  • Build a raft from scavenged materials and paddle it to save your team.
  • See John Ridgway‘s 1966 Atlantic rowing boat, yachts that have sailed around the world and Rebecca‘s Cape Horn kayak.
  • Find out more about this wild place, its birds, animals, plants and rocks to get the John Muir Discovery Award.
  • Travel in boats to an uninhabited island and survive overnight with your friends under your own shelter. Sing songs around the campfire and watch the stars come out in the night sky.
  • Relax on an empty strip of golden sand, swim and boogey board with your pals.
  • End your week with a concert where all can perform.

Where will we stay and what will we eat?

Share tents, shelters and dorms with your friends, and enjoy delicious home-cooked food.

A huge thank you to all your team... I had the most amazing time... Mark and Katie were fab and were very entertaining... Jenny, Peter and Graham were a pleasure to be with... I couldn't have wanted more... It was a great week that I will never forget... Thank you... Love From Rennie x

Emily Renshaw, S. Anselms, Bakewell

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John Muir Award

During their course, pupils complete the John Muir ‘Discovery’ Award. For more details, see the JMA website.

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