50 years of adventure and life-changing experiences in beautiful isolation, 1969 – 2019

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With every school and every year that passes, boys and girls leave Ardmore after six days of great adventures fresh in the knowledge that they can achieve far more than they thought they could, in every area of life.

The adventures on the mountains, in kayaks, around the shore and on survival island are simply a tool to unlock their full potential.

For Senior Management

Offer something different to parents and pupils in an ever more competitive time. Each prep school that comes to us with a team of 30+ pupils has the Adventure School, our staff and this amazing wilderness to themselves.

Occasionally we are able to put two smaller Prep School teams together so that schools with less than 30 in a year group can still experience Ardmore.

Offer a springboard to Year 6 or Year 8 leavers or the chance to get the most from Year 7s as they move to positions of responsibility within the school.

Offer a tailored week that echoes your principles and values alongside those of Ridgway Adventure:

  • Self reliance
  • Positive thinking
  • Leave people and places better than you found them

Like many prep schools, we become an extended family for the time that you are with us, with mild mannered, experienced and personable instructors. You become a part of our team and we become a part of yours.

For teachers leading or joining the trip

We appreciate the pressures on teachers running school trips at the end of a busy year. Our approach helps you with this. You can find more detailed information on travel, safety and accomodation by following the links on this page, but we have found that the following aspects can be particularly important to you as teachers.

A personal touch

  • When you pick up the phone or send an email it will be Rebecca who answers and who will help with all aspects of your trip.
  • Mark will come and visit your school to speak to parents and pupils.
  • This is our home. When you arrive it is us who will welcome you.
  • Mark will personally run your course and Rebecca will be there in the mornings and evenings to talk to you and your team.
  • We have a small team of hand-picked, friendly instructors, who arrive at Ardmore a month before any groups do. They become completely immersed in life at Ardmore and share our ethos and enthusiasm for everything that we do here.


  • Safety is of paramount importance and never overlooked.
  • We can send you a copy of our AALA license, risk assessments and insurance documents; or come and stay with us at Ardmore for a few days to see the place, meet us and satisfy your requirements for an inspection visit.
  • In over 40 years of adventure courses at Ardmore there have been no serious accidents or injuries.

Establishing a trip to Ridgway Adventure

  • The process is remarkably straightforward. Rebecca will provide you with all the paperwork you need for your school and parents.
  • Mark can come to your school in the lent term to talk to pupils and parents and answer their questions.

Getting here

  • Travel from the south is easy and affordable. No more than 1.5 hours scheduled flying time to Inverness from most domestic airports with low cost airlines including Easyjet and Flybe or the Caledonian Night Sleeper train service from London Euston to Inverness.
  • We arrange a coach to collect you from the airport for a 2 hour drive along empty roads and through majestic scenery to Ardmore.

Your involvement in the adventures

  • You can be involved in the pupils’ adventures as much or as little as you like. Mark and Rebecca will discuss the programme with you daily and we welcome your input. So there is no need for you to camp if you prefer not to, or to climb if you would rather keep your feet on the ground.
  • We understand that you need some freedom and space too and our team are perfectly happy to work with your pupils alone on the activities.
  • The pupils’ evenings are spent with instructors, preparing for the following day or camping out, or under the stars on survival island.
  • We encourage your staff to take a night off when the pupils go to survival, a chance for an evening meal in peace and quiet.

Food and comfort

  • Our cook prepares delicious home cooked meals from fresh ingredients every day.
  • Teachers can enjoy something special while the pupils survive overnight on the island.
  • Your team stay in comfortable bunk rooms with you and your colleagues close by.

What now?

  • Call or email Rebecca to tell us more about your school so that we can tailor an adventure course to suit your aims and values.
  • Arrange a time for Mark to visit you at school or for you to come and stay with us at Ardmore for an inspection visit.

Reflecting back to colleagues that it was a great week: clear and valuable principles underlying everything we did, and of lasting life-value to the pupils. The best instructor team we’ve ever met: committed to the job right up to the end and brilliant with the kids on every level; instructing, befriending and supporting. We have reported our admiration of the way in which you adapted round the weather and kept the pace and purpose up despite the wind and occasional rain, and gave us a great and stretching experience once again ... Thank you both, and the team, for your friendship, expertise and care for all of us last week

Helen Lings, S. Anselms (July 2010)

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John Muir Award

During their course, pupils complete the John Muir ‘Discovery’ Award. For more details, see the JMA website.

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